COVID-19 statements

30th April 2020


ISBS statement


In response to the public safety and travel restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ISBS Board and the ISBS 2020 Conference Organizers have decided it will no longer be possible hold a 2020 ISBS conference. We are pleased to announce that the Liverpool organizers (Dr. Mark Robinson & Dr. Mark Lake) have agreed to postpone their plans and host the conference and ISBS will take place in Liverpool in 2022, following ISBS in Canberra in 2021. ISBS also wants to thank the Milwaukee conference organizers who have agreed to postpone their plans and will now host ISBS in 2023. Thank you to Dr. Tim Exell (VP Conferences) and the future conference organizers in adjusting our plans for outstanding ISBS conferences.


Given the importance of papers published in our Proceedings and journal Sports Biomechanics as the archival original research knowledge in sport and exercise biomechanics, we are moving forward with publication of the 2020 ISBS Proceedings. The Liverpool/ISBS scientific committee did outstanding work in reviewing papers and authors with accepted papers can still choose to have their paper published or withdraw it for future conferences. All papers with first authors that are ISBS members can be published in the 2020 proceedings without registration costs.  First authors who are not currently ISBS members are invited to join/renew their membership if they wish to have their papers published in the 2020 proceedings. These first Liverpool papers are targeted for release the day the conference would have begun (July 21, 2020). Authors should be ready for correspondence related to publication of your papers. ISBS is looking into the possibility of facilitating a YouTube channel for authors interested in posting a 10-minute presentation of their research. Further details regarding this channel will be communicated in the coming weeks. Consider pointing the world to your research published in the proceedings using and linking to ISBS social media.


The ISBS board continues with society initiatives and has been seeking alternate ways to serve members. Look to the ISBS website and social media for these opportunities. The Annual General Meeting, board meetings, student mentoring programme, women in sport biomechanics forum, and other initiatives will take place remotely via videoconferencing.


The ISBS Board wishes you all safety and good health in these difficult times. Thank you for your ongoing support of ISBS and its mission to promote sports biomechanics knowledge and its application with athletes and coaches. ISBS members remember to vote for officers and board members. We look forward to seeing you a the 2021 ISBS conference in Canberra, Australia.


Duane Knudson and the ISBS Board

30th April 2020


LJMU Statement


We sadly announce that the ISBS 2020 conference in Liverpool will not go ahead. We were excited to welcome you all to our world-heritage city and host a vibrant sports biomechanics conference but given the continued travel uncertainty and to prioritise everyone’s safety we regret this cannot be the case. We will however continue to move papers towards formal publication in the 2020 proceedings in July. Discussions to bring the ISBS conference to the UK for the first time started in 2016 and whilst this cannot be realised this year we are pleased that we will instead be hosting the ISBS conference in Liverpool in 2022.


As we will not get another public opportunity to do so there are a number of thanks we would like to give, firstly to the ISBS board for their support throughout the last few months, secondly to all of the sponsors, our university and Liverpool Convention Bureau for facilitating the conference to date, thirdly to Kris and Chris from Marquette University who have kindly delayed their ISBS conference until 2023, and lastly to yourselves in the biomechanics community for entrusting us with your conference, submitting and reviewing papers and for your continued support.


The ISBS board will now lead the communications relating to society activities that will continue to go ahead - please keep watch on the ISBS website. We’ll sign off with a well known Liverpool anthem which seems particularly meaningful at this time.


When you walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of a storm is a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark.


Walk on through the wind,

Walk on through the rain,

Though your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone,

You'll never walk alone.


Best wishes,


Mark Robinson & Mark Lake



6th April 2020

Dear ISBS members and conference delegates,


ISBS 2020 hosts Mark Robinson, Mark Lake, and the team from Liverpool John Moores University are continuing to work hard organising our annual conference. They and the Scientific Committee have reviewed 341 submitted articles for the 38th ISBS Proceedings that, with the outstanding keynotes, should be a great scientific program. Our proceedings and our journal Sports Biomechanics are important permanent records of our scholarly activity and promotion of biomechanics of sports and exercise.


The conference organisers and the ISBS Board have been closely monitoring the health risks and travel impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the speed at which the situation is changing, we have decided to delay conference registration and a final decision about holding our 2020 conference until April 30, 2020. It is possible that restrictions in international travel may still be in place in July. While we are hopeful that the situation will be resolved or have lessened sufficiently so that the conference can go forward, delegates should liaise with their own university / business travel managers to consider what effect this may have on their plans and how best to mitigate risks of travel disruption. At this time, we politely suggest that delegates do not book travel until a decision on the conference taking place is made on the 30th April. We would also like to highlight that travel grants will not be awarded in the event of the conference not taking place, therefore the travel grant application deadline has been extended by one month to May 24th. The Liverpool organising team have put a great deal or work into planning this year’s conference so that it can still go ahead if possible; however, the board of directors are working with them to ensure that we as a society are still able to share our research and ideas with each other through alternative initiatives in the event of the conference not taking place. We will keep you informed through society email, website, conference website, and social media.


I thank the conference organizers, scientific committee, and the ISBS Board of Directors for their hard work on ISBS activities throughout this world health crisis. Let me renew my call to you from the December Newsletter to make a commitment to stay engaged with ISBS, serving on the board, nominating worth award recipients, and inviting others to join us as members and delegates at our conferences. Our upcoming newsletter will outline our many ISBS activities and keep you updated on changing deadlines, upcoming elections, and awards.


Best wishes for personal safety and good health,

Duane Knudson

President, ISBS

3rd March 2020


Dear ISBS members, conference delegates,


ISBS 2020 hosts Mark Robinson, Mark Lake, and the team from Liverpool John Moores University are continuing to work hard organising our annual conference in Liverpool. You will all be aware of increasing concern around the world regarding possible travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. It is too early to predict what effect this will have on our conference, but the organisers are monitoring the situation closely. It is possible that restrictions may still be in place in July for travel between countries affected by the virus. While we are hopeful that situation will be resolved in the five months between now and the conference, delegates should liaise with their own university / business travel managers to consider what effect this may have on their plans and how best to mitigate risks of travel disruption.


At this stage, it is every intention that the conference will go ahead as planned and we are hopeful of seeing you in Liverpool in July. We will keep you informed as further information comes to hand.


Best wishes,


Duane Knudson

President, ISBS



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